Launching SQL Server on Linux in Single User Mode

There was a question this morning on the SQL Server Community Slack channel from SvenLowry about how to launch SQL Server on Linux in Single User Mode. Well you’ve heard everyone say, it’s just SQL Server…and that’s certainly true and this is another example of that idea. The command line parameters from the sqlservr binary […]

SQL Server on Linux Online Training with Brent Ozar Unlimited!

I’m proud to announce to you that I’m partnering with the folks over a Brent Ozar Unlimited to provide live, instructor-led training directly to you online! Course – SQL Server on Linux: Install, Configure, and Manage Description You’ve been managing SQL Server configuration, backups, and troubleshooting for a couple of years, but that was on Windows. […]

New Pluralsight Course – SQL Server on Linux Administration Fundamentals

New Pluralsight Course – SQL Server on Linux Administration Fundamentals My new course “SQL Server on Linux Administration Fundamentals” in now available on Pluralsight here! If you want to learn about the course, check out the trailer here or if you want to dive right in check it out here!   This course targets DBAs that design and maintain SQL Server […]

SQL Server on Linux Content at PASS Summit

PASS Summit is right around the corner and I’ll be there speaking on Monitoring Linux Performance for the SQL Server Admin! There’s a fantastic amount of SQL Server on Linux content available at Summit. I encourage you to attend one of these sessions. You’ll likely find me at all of these! Wednesday – 11/1 3:15PM […]

SQL Server on Linux – External Memory Pressure

In this blog post we’re going to explore how SQL Server on Linux responds to external memory pressure. On Windows based SQL Server systems we’ve become accustomed to the OS signaling to SQL Server that there’s a memory shortage. When signaled, SQL Server will kindly start shrinking it’s memory caches, including the buffer pool, to […]

My thoughts on SQL Server on Linux

Well yesterday was a big day in the SQL Community, Microsoft announced that they will be developing a version of SQL Server for Linux. Check out the announcement here. Image Source – Microsoft – This leaves us with a lot of questions, in talking with one of my customers this morning he asked some pretty […]