we are Centino systems

Centino Systems is an IT consulting firm that solves business challenges with technical innovation. Whether open source or a Microsoft solution, Centino Systems will architect a solution to meet your business needs. Centino evaluates the existing architecture and implements the direction best suited; refactoring existing systems or applying clean-sheet new technology.

Centino Systems is focused on emerging technologies – understanding the future direction of system development to ensure you are investing wisely in a new solution. Working alongside your team, Centino educates the IT staff and assures they are fully prepared to maintain your technology solution.


our core expertise

Full scope design

We convert ordinary applications into elegantly simple systems. We believe communicating with organization leaders and technology heads to marry the business and technology into a simple and scalable solution that helps drive your initiatives. 


Our focus is on designing and implementing systems that are efficient and profitable. With expertise in legal, healthcare, academia and more, it's likely we're no stranger to your industry.


At the core of all modern business is data. Luckily, computer scientists like us live and breathe data. With extensive experience in system and server design, performance, benchmarking and high availability, we are fully prepared to construct a data platform for your needs.

Problem Solving

Technology and implementing the correct technology to meet your business needs is complicated. We excel at solving your most complex problems. Making systems perform better, exchange data seamlessly, and leaving you knowing how to run the show when we step out is how we know we've done our job..