Centino Systems is an IT consulting firm that solves business challenges with technical innovation. Whether open source or a Microsoft solution, Centino Systems will architect a solution to meet your business needs. Centino evaluates the existing architecture and implements the direction best suited; refactoring existing systems or applying clean-sheet new technology.

Centino Systems is focused on emerging technologies – understanding the future direction of system development to ensure you are investing wisely in a new solution. Working alongside your team, Centino educates the IT staff and assures they are fully prepared to maintain your technology solution. .

We like to think we work with you not for you. We take a collaborative approach, working alongside internal staff to design systems that solve your largest business problems and ensure that the information flows are efficient and secure. Our goal is to help your organization and IT staff design and implement systems that are of high value and scalable for the organization.


  • CAT Scale Companu

    Anthony at Centino Systems was an integral part of the design and implementation of CAT Scale's Weigh My Truck application. He proved himself as an invaluable resource not only in the initial project milestones, but through his ongoing support services - ensuring not only reliability, but scalability. This positive experience led us to move his capabilities into handling other internal resources of our business to ensure that the same skills that made the Weigh My Truck project successful could be applied company-wide. Eric Ruud CAT Scale Company

  • Lexington Health Network

    Centino Systems is a key partner to Lexington Health Network, we rely on Centino Systems to support, architect, and design critical databases in our organization. High performing fully redundant databases are required in our industry and Centino Systems has designed and architected a solution that meets our organizational requirements. Centino Systems is not just a consultant, they are a partner who collaborates with my team ensuring knowledge transfer occurs for all work completed. Centino Systems will always remain a long term partner for our organization. Paul Knight, CIO Lexington Health Network

  • Polsinelli

    Centino Systems is an incredibly talented IT firm with professionals who are able to work across a broad range of topics and provide in-depth insight and analysis. They have consulted and offered guidance for our firm in the realms of Citrix, SQL, virtualization, and also networking. Anthony at Centino Systems broad experience combined with his academic background make him an expert among even among experienced IT professionals. In an IT environment of specialists, he is one of the few people out there who can work across the boundaries that exist among infrastructure, database, applications, and network teams. This makes him uniquely qualified to tackle large and difficult problems. Many of our experienced engineers look to him for guidance, and he has been invaluable in re-architecting our data center. Over my last 10 years in IT, he is probably the most technically talented person I have had the opportunity to work with and he would be a valuable asset to any company. Kevin Koshinski, Senior Database Engineer Polsinelli

why Centino Systems?

  • Excellence - our culture is that of technical excellence, our engineers are highly skilled with continual training
  • Engineering - apply engineering principles and fundamentals to your business needs/problems
  • Collaboration - work closely with your IT team and develop their knowledge of your systems
  • Strategy - CS will help your IT organization along the path to high value business systems
  • Simplicity - technology is complicated, our solutions are not. We apply technology when it's needed where it's needed

our skills

IT Architecture and Strategy
Database system design and administration
Performance Tuning and Testing