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Speaking at SQLSaturday Nashville!

Speaking at SQLSaturday Nashville!

I’m proud to announce that I will be speaking at SQL Saturday Nashville on January 14th 2017! This will be my first speaking event this year and I look forward to seeing you there! 

If you don’t know what SQLSaturday is, it’s a whole day of free SQL Server training available to you at no cost!

If you haven’t been to a SQLSaturday, what are you waiting for! Sign up now!

My presentation is Performance Monitoring AlwaysOn Availability Groups (which is one of my favorite sessions)

This is an updated session including new Availability Group Monitoring Extended Events and SQL 2016!


Here’s the abstract for the talk

Have you deployed Availability Groups in your data center? Are you monitoring your Availability Groups to ensure you can meet your recovery objectives? If you haven’t this is the session for you. We will discuss the importance of monitoring and trending Availability Group Replication, how AGs move data between replicas and the impact replication latency can have on the availability of your systems. We’ll also give you the tools and techniques to go back to the office and get started monitoring and trending right away!