My thoughts on SQL Server on Linux

Well yesterday was a big day in the SQL Community, Microsoft announced that they will be developing a version of SQL Server for Linux. Check out the announcement here. Image Source – Microsoft – This leaves us with a lot of questions, in talking with one of my customers this morning he asked some pretty […]

Speaking at SQLIntersection Orlando 2020

I’m very pleased to announce that I will be speaking at SQL Intersection April 2020!  This is my first time speaking at SQL Intersection and I’m very excited to be doing so! Speaking at SQL Intersection means so much to me because in 2014 I got my first exposure to the SQL Server community via […]

Upgrading SQL Server 2017 Containers to 2019 non-root Containers with Data Volumes

Recently Microsoft released a Non-Root SQL Server 2019 container and that’s the default if you’re pulling a new container image. But what if you’re using a 2017 container running as root and want to upgrade your system the SQL Server 2019 container…well something’s going to break. As you can see here, my friend Grant Fritchey came across […]

Memory Settings for Running SQL Server in Kubernetes

People often ask me what’s the number one thing to look out for when running SQL Server on Kubernetes…the answer is memory settings. In this post, we’re going to dig into why you need to configure resource limits in your SQL Server’s Pod Spec when running SQL Server workloads in Kubernetes. I’m running these demos in […]

Workshop – Kubernetes Zero to Hero at SQL Saturday Denver!

Pre-conference Workshop at SQLSaturday Denver I’m proud to announce that I will be be presenting an all day pre-conference workshop at SQL Saturday Denver on October 11th 2019! This one won’t let you down!  The workshop is “Kubernetes Zero to Hero – Installation, Configuration, and Application Deployment”  Here’s the abstract for the workshop Modern application deployment needs […]

Using strace inside a SQL Server Container

So, if you’ve been following my blog you know my love for internals. Well, I needed to find out exactly how something worked at the startup of a SQL Server process running inside a docker container and my primary tool for this is strace, well how do you run strace against processes running in a container? I […]

Persisting SQL Server Data in Docker Containers – Part 3

In the first two posts in this series we discussed the need for data persistency in containers then we discussed where the data actually lives on our systems. Now let’s look at specifying the location of the data on the underlying file system of the base OS.  This is the third post in a three […]

Persisting SQL Server Data in Docker Containers – Part 2

So in my previous post, we discussed Docker Volumes and how they have a lifecycle independent of the container enabling us to service the container image independent of the data inside the container. Now let’s dig into Volumes a little bit more and learn where Docker actually stores that data on the underlying operating system.   […]