New Pluralsight Course – Managing Kubernetes Controllers and Deployments

My new course “Managing Kubernetes Controllers and Deployments” in now available on Pluralsight here! Check out the trailer here or if you want to dive right in go here! This course offers practical tips from my experiences managing Kubernetes Clusters and workloads for Centino Systems clients.

This course targets IT professionals that design and maintain Kubernetes and container based solutions.The course can be used by both the IT pro learning new skills and the system administrator or developer preparing for using Kubernetes both on premises and in the Cloud. 

Let’s take your Kubernetes administration and configuration skills to the next level and get you started now!

The modules of the course are:

  • Using Controllers to Deploy Applications and Deployment Basics – In this module we dive into what Controllers are and how they can be used to deploy applications in Kubernetes. We’ll introduce several core controller types and look at the fundamentals of using the Deployment Controller to deploy applications and take a deep dive into the Controller operations of ReplicaSets.
  • Maintaining Applications with Deployments – In this demo-heavy module, we look closer at Deployments and learn how we can maintain our container based applications. We look at updating Deployments, controlling rollouts and using updateStrategy and readinessProbes to ensure successful rollouts. We’ll also cover what to do when things go wrong and learn how to pause and rollback rollouts.
  • Deploying and Maintaining Applications with DaemonSets and Jobs – In this module, we introduce the DaemonSet controller and how it’s used to deploy applications to all Nodes or a subset of Nodes in our cluster, we’ll also cover DaemonSet operations such as updating and controlling rollouts. We wrap up the course with a look at how we can use Jobs and CronJobs to ensure work completes in our cluster. 


Check out the course at Pluralsight!


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