Centino Systems engineers have specialized research interests in distributed database systems, spatial database systems, low latency data access algorithms in solid state disks and GP-GPU environments. This is a list of our publications to peer reviewed conferences. This research enables our engineers to address your most challenging computer system requirements and performance engineering needs.

Please feel free to reach out to us to discuss your system or performance related needs

Optimizing Memory Access on GPUs using Morton Order Indexing

High performance computing environments are not freely available to every scientist or programmer. However, massively parallel computational devices are available in nearly every workstation class computer and laptop sold today. The programmable GPU gives immense computational power to a user in a standard office environment; however, programming a GPU to function efficiently is not a trivial task. An issue of primary concern is memory latency, if not managed properly it can cost the GPU in performance resulting in increased runtimes waiting for data. In this paper we describe an optimization of memory access methods on GPUs using Morton order indexing, sometimes referred to as Z-order index.

Toward Dependency-Aware Live Virtual Machine Migration

This paper proposes a novel dependency-aware approach to live virtual machine migration and presents the results of the initial investigation into its ability to reduce migra- tion latency and overhead. The approach uses a tainting mechanism originally developed as an intrusion detection mechanism. Dependency information is used to distinguish processes that create direct or indirect external dependen- cies during live migration. It is shown that the live migration process can be significantly streamlined by selectively apply- ing a more efficient protocol when migrating processes that do not create external dependencies during migration. 

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