Hello World on .NET Core

The developments over the last few months in the data community had brought us to an interesting place. We’re going to have SQL on Linux and now we also have .NET on Linux too! While the implications of this are unclear, and worthy of significant prognostication…I’m going to take this time to show you how […]

Reflecting on the Last Year of Microsoft’s OpenSource Technologies

This past year has certainly been interesting in the world of Linux. Microsoft has taken a new strategy and is embracing the open source model. It’s releasing it’s key software products with versions for Linux. It’s truly a remarkable time. In this post I want to highlight some of the bigger events and cover what […]

Building Open Source PowerShell

Open Source PowerShell is available on several operating systems, that really what’s special about the whole project! To get PowerShell to function on these various systems we need to build (compile) the software in that environment. This is what will produce the actual executable program that is powershell. To facilitate the build process the PowerShell […]

Using kubectl logs to read the SQL Server Error Log in Kubernetes

When working with SQL Server running containers the Error Log is written to standard out. Kubernetes will expose that information to you via kubectl. Let’s check out how it works. If we start up a Pod running SQL Server and grab the Pod name kubectl get pods NAME READY STATUS RESTARTS AGE mssql-deployment-56d8dbb7b7-hrqwj 1/1 Running […]

Speaking at SQLSaturday Atlanta – 845

Speaking at SQLSaturday Atlanta! I’m proud to announce that I will be speaking at SQL Saturday Atlanta on May 17th 2018! This one won’t let you down! Check out the amazing schedule! If you don’t know what SQLSaturday is, it’s a whole day of free SQL Server training available to you at no cost! If you haven’t been […]

Attempting to Run SQL on Linux Inside Windows Subsystem for Linux

Shawn Melton MVP and dbatools contributor last week had an issue running SQL Server on Linux inside of Windows Subsystem for Linux. Error trying to configure #sqlLinux on the openSUSE app for Windows 10 pic.twitter.com/0Eg5TtV0o5 — Shawn Melton (@wsmelton) December 4, 2017 I didn’t want to leave a brother hanging so I spent this morning […]