New Pluralsight Course – SQL Server on Linux Administration Fundamentals

New Pluralsight Course – SQL Server on Linux Administration Fundamentals

My new course “SQL Server on Linux Administration Fundamentals” in now available on Pluralsight here! If you want to learn about the course, check out the trailer here or if you want to dive right in check it out here!
This course targets DBAs that design and maintain SQL Server on Linux systems (or those evaluating the technology). This course can be used by both the seasoned DBA to learn foundational Linux skills and also what’s new and different when running SQL Server on Linux. 

Course Description

SQL Server is available on Linux, and management wants you to leverage this shift in technology to more effectively manage your data platform. In this course, SQL Server on Linux Administration Fundamentals, you’ll delve into SQL on Linux in order for you to become an effective DBA.  First, you’ll explore an overview of its architecture, installation, and configuration. Next, you’ll learn how to administer SQL Server on Linux. Finally, you’ll discover high availability and disaster recovery options available to you for keeping your SQL Server online. By the end of this course, you’ll have a solid foundation necessary to utilize SQL Server on Linux in production.

The modules of the course are:

  • Introduction and SQL Server Architecture – Introduce the viewer into world of SQL Server on Linux. Why did Microsoft do this? What’s the strategy? Introduce the SQL Server Ecosphere, such as the database engine, SQL Server Agent and SSIS.
  • Installing and Configuring SQL Server on Linux – We’ll look at our installation and configuration options for SQL Server on Linux, introducing Linux package managers and repositories and install SQL Server on Linux and it’s components.
  • Administering Linux for DBAs – We’ll look at managing services with systemd and how to query journald’s log files for information about SQL Server.  Also dive into file ownership, disk partitioning concepts and mounting file systems and remote file systems.
  • Managing SQL Server on Linux: Administration and Tools – Now that the viewer knows where things are in this new operating system, let’s move up the stack and look at the tooling available for SQL Server on Linux. We’ll cover VS Code, SSMS, SQLCMD and DBFS.
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery with SQL Server on Linux – Dive into the High Availability and Disaster Recovery options available to SQL Server on Linux

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Check out the course at Pluralsight!

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